Our Partners

Organizational Partners

CRECE co-Directors and affiliated members will have hundreds of years of collective experience in educational evaluation. We are proposing the following categories of potential CRECE partners.

  1. CRECE Faculty Fellows: UCSC professors and researchers who have an interest in evaluation, research, psychometrics, and equity in education. Faculty Fellows will encourage cross-disciplinary connections and collaboration across campus.
  2. CRECE Scholars: Professors and researchers (non-UCSC affiliated) who hold expertise in evaluation studies.
  3. CRECE Emerging Education Scholars: Includes post-doctoral researchers at UCSC with an interest and capacity for advanced evaluation work.
  4. CRECE Graduate Student Affiliates: Any UCSC graduate student who shows an interest and promise for evaluation work. We anticipate recruiting Graduate Student Affiliates from Education, Psychology, and Sociology, in addition to other campus-wide departments (Applied Mathematics and Statistics).
  5. CRECE Undergraduate Student Affiliates: Outstanding UCSC undergraduate students who have expertise and interest in data collection and analysis.